Is your Crisis Management in crisis?


In a crisis situation, time is short—with zero time for missteps. The only acceptable response is fast and appropriate action.  What is your confidence in your crisis management platform that it can help you recover and continue your business?  If you are not managing the crisis means that the crisis is managing you.

SAI Global ResilienceONE ensures that you have mapped the right plan of action, so when a crisis strikes—you can focus solely on execution.

A Comprehensive Crisis Management Plan provides the ability to respond to and manage any disaster. These plans—also known as Emergency Response or Incident Management Plans—include details for handling all executive, safety, human resources, and facility issues you may have. The ResilienceONE Crisis Management Plan stems from years of expert development and provides a comprehensive strategy.

With ResilienceONE BCM software you can:

  • Automatically invoke plans based on incident impact
  • Instantly notify critical personnel of incidents
  • Easily activate priority-based plans that link external suppliers and agencies
  • Available Anytime Anywhere:  At the touch of your finger; available on your mobile devices