Today Human lives are at the mercy of Cyber Attacks. Hospitals not functioning, electricity blackouts, ransomware and impacts to critical infrastructure are making news and affecting human lives. Your health, wealth & identity can be controlled, stolen or manipulated by a cyber attacker. In cyber ecosystems organizations collectively hold the health, wealth & identity of everyone.

Technology advancement has blurred the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres and continues to evolve and morph at the speed that has never been seen before in the history of mankind. Robotics, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, biotechnology, IOT and autonomous vehicles have entered our lives and making them better. However, they also multiply the threats to us.


Organizations and Governments continue to be challenged due to speed of technological innovation coupled with lack of cyber security talent. Everyone is struggling to anticipate, mitigate, prevent, react and respond. The Cyber Threat is a “near and present danger” and organizations need to be better prepared, equipped and resilient.

Just like every human being has a natural instinct to self-protect & preserve and so should cyber security be for organizations.

With this insight the founders believe that more needs to be done for organizations to become self-reliant & resilient in the cyber ecosystem. The mission of our company is thus to improve the” Cyber Health” of organizations through “Cyber Fit” & “Cyber Immunity”.


Ken Sng
Ken Sng
Chief Executive Officer

Ken is an entrepreneur and has a knack of identifying business needs and bring innovative solutions to life. He has spent more than 25 years in the IT industry. During this time, he has been involved in Support, Training, Product Marketing, Sales, Product Development, Professional Services, Sales Management and Business Development.

As a leader, he has consistently demonstrated the ability to recruit, mentor and form strong and cohesive teams that can execute. As a communicator, he is on message every time whether in the C-Suite or at the grassroots.

Outside of work, Ken is an enthusiastic badminton player and a bird photographer.

Ken holds a B.Sc (Computer Science) from the National University of Singapore.

Mike Tan
Mike Tan
Chief Operating Officer

Mike has a combined experience of 15 years including in leadership role as senior commander as well as managing & delivering large complex solutions for the financial industry.  He brings forth his extensive experience from the defence industry of leading up to 300 soldiers as a senior commander. He has successfully led & built teams and passionately focused on delivering to clients’ needs and beyond. Till date, he and his team have successfully deployed more than 200 client projects.

His expertise includes Project Management, Operations Management, Customer Service Management, Business Process Consultancy, War Games. He holds several globally recognized certifications

Mike holds a BSc in Business from the University of London.